Service - a mission for life

Each manufacturer of corrugated board has individual service needs depending on the size of the plant, the know-how of the employees, the markets served, and the future plans for development of its business. In the same way that a company changes and evolves, its service requirements will also develop. For the producers of corrugated board this means their supplier must offer reliable service support which can fit to changing demands.


As the customer's needs and demands grow, BHS service simply grows with them.
Hence, real service not only relies on punctual support but it is our offer to accompany you throughout the life time of your corrugator according to your changing needs and demands."


With several service options to provide sustainable solutions, including our M2P®-program - From Maintenance to Productivity -  we can provide for any service requirements of our customers and enable them to produce as profitably as possible during the entire life cycle of their corrugator.


Any demand you have – quick and straightforward support or long-term on site attendance – we are ready.


If you require further information or assistance regarding any of the information outlined on the next pages, please contact your local BHS office or representative who will be pleased to assist.


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