BHS provides with the ECO Line a corrugator for the needs of manufacturers with a monthly output of  2500 to 3000 tons in markets with challenging production conditions.

Based on our experience in those markets the ECO line is designed to handle
*    frequent fluctuations or shut downs of power
*    a huge variety of papers (from imported Kraftliner down to local, waste-based medium)
*    and especially narrow papers in combination with many order changes.

The ECO line is available in 1800mm and able to generate a monthly output of 5 mil. m² with a production speed of 150m/min. 

Operating with the latest drive control technology, the ECO Line is equipped with BHS “AC Energy Pool” system to optimize energy distribution and converts brake force into useful energy. This greatly reduces energy consumption and together with our proven steady running speed concept you can achieve highest possible savings on steam and glue as well as significant reduction in waste.

Most important is that due to the well known BHS assembly quality and overall automation of our corrugators, you are able to produce with the BHS ECO Line top-quality board according to international standards.


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